Monday, July 4, 2011

I don't want to forget this

Cute things Alison did this week:
  • Dressed her boy barbies up in dresses, made them marry each other and then laughed like it was the most clever thing she'd ever done.  It was made even funnier by the fact that earlier in the month she drew mustaches and beards on the boy barbies with a pen and, after trying every cleaning solution in the house, I was only able to dull them to a dark outline.  So now Ken looks like he should be wearing plaid and chopping down trees.  I am so showing her this post the day she marries her gay best friend in college. 
  • Got me out of bed this morning by pretending to be a zombie and sucking out my brains.  Girl knows my weaknesses.  Zombies and the sound of puking babies: the two things that propell me out of bed like no other.
  • Waddled around the house in her swim tube like it was an alien spaceship.
  • She picked up a picture I colored, gave me a consoling pat on the shoulder and said, "You did your best, mom."  Like an older doctor who just witnessed his young protege kill his first patient.

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