Thursday, August 25, 2011

There's a new kind of ninja in town

I was walking to the bus stop with Alison and on the way we saw some birds.  One was in the grass and struggled to get in the air when it saw us coming.  Both of us worried it was injured, but it flew just fine after a second attempt and joined its friends.  It was probably just a clumsy bird and tripped over the tall grass.

But it got us talking about birds and Alison wondered what it was that birds do for us, how it helps the circle of life since that's what they talk about in school.  This is our conversation:

Me:  I don't know exactly.  I know they eat bugs.  Maybe that helps.  And worms.

Alison:  Unless they're ninja worms.  (makes ninja kicks with her hands and feet)  There could be ninja worms.

Me:  There could be.  They don't have any arms, though.  So they'll have to use their tails and heads.  I think they could totally do it. 

(This lead Alison to demonstrate how a ninja worm would fight off a bird.  Me, I think of ninjas and zombies are never far behind. So I had to ask.)

Me:  What if there were zombie worms it had to fight off?

Alison:  Mom, that's ridiculous. 

Silly me.  After that she reminisced about a pet worm she had for a day when she was four and what if it were a ninja worm?  Oh, to have the imagination of an eight year old. 

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KateBryan said...

Thats just like the snake on Kunfu panda..No arms but she still kicked butt!