Monday, September 5, 2011

An Original Poem by Kathryn Bryan

An Angels Plea

I dreamt about an angel
Poor thing wasn't well
His wings were ripped and torn
His body but a shell

I asked him "angel how can this be"
Your clothes are rags, 
Your weak and pale!
This is what he spoke to me

I am your guardian angel
These wounds I bear with pride
I may be beaten, broke, and tired
But I never left your side

You treat yourself with disrespect
Shoving needles in your arm
You've almost died more than once
But I shielded you from harm

With a pleading gaze, he looked at me
Tears in his eyes
I couldn't watch the pain I'd caused
Told myself..."there lies"

When I woke I shed a tear
And thought, "why even try"
Just then, I thought I'd heard
A frail old angels cry

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You modified an already beautiful poem that was written by a man on death row in prison.