Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Super Heroes Edition

I was standing in line with Alison at the grocery store and she saw an advertisement for heartburn.  So she asks me, "What's heartburn?"

ME: It's when you eat something spicy and it makes your chest around your heart feel like it's on fire.

ALISON: Does it feel like you swallowed fire?

ME: Yeah, pretty much.

ALISON: So does that mean you can breathe fire if you get heartburn?  Like a super power?

I could see the little cogs in her brain working and I knew the next question was going to be if she could get some spicy food.  So I explained that heartburn was not a superpower and only dragons were able to breathe fire. Then she pretended to be a dragon until we got in the car because I don't allow fire breathing dragons in my car. I don't like the look of scorched fabric. 

Then we went and saw The Avengers.  Loved it.  I warned Alison ahead of time that there were going to be scary parts. Any movie with super heroes has to have bad guys to defeat. But she watched Iron Man and The Hulk and Spiderman with no problem and she was sure she'd be fine.

She spent half the movie buried in my arm going, "Is it over yet? Can we go home now?" But when we left I asked if she liked it and she said. "Yes. It was great. A little scary, but not bad."  Suuure...after the fact.  There was one part in the middle that had her worried because she asks me, "Can super heroes die?"  No.  Of course not. They get close sometimes but there's always a hail mary at the end that saves them.  She felt better after that and spent less time buried in my arm and more time laughing because it was funny as well as action packed and full of hot guys. How can you go wrong?

At the end (I don't think this is a spoiler because it's pretty obvious that the good guys win, it'd be a pretty shitty super hero movie if they didn't.) they all go their separate ways and Samuel L. Jackson (who is in charge) is looking out the window all retrospective, talking about how they'll come back if the world needs them again and a woman lackey asks, "But how do you know they'll come back?"

And Alison says, "Duh. They're super heroes."

Such innocent trust.  The Tooth Fairy still brings her money, Santa Claus brings her presents and Super Heroes will always be there to save the world from evil.  But the best one?  Mom still knows everything. I'm going to hold onto that one as long as possible.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alison got a little recipe book from school for eating healthier and whatnot and it had some ideas for smoothies and I've been wanting to make some smoothies, so I asked her to read them out loud to me while I was driving her home today. 

At one point she said, "6 oz." And she pronounces it out all the way like "ahz"

And I say, "Oz stands for ounce. So whenever you see oz you can say ounce."

She says, "Oh, so it's Wizard of Ounce?" 

Only in recipes, sweetheart.